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Like all drug experiences, MDMA has distinct stages that the user travels through during the six-hour duration, and then beyond.

Come-Up1 hour The come-up is usually the least enjoyable part of the experience. Some people enjoy it, but others find it someone unpleasant. You will find your senses a bit overly sensitive, especially to sound and touch. Sometimes the rising physical and mental feelings, especially toward the end of the hour, can be overwhelming for new users. Hang out someplace semi-quiet and secluded during this period and just relax - you're minutes away from a wonderful experience.

Note that this phase can be extended by eating too close to your roll or not taking enough MDMA (ie, your pill is weak).

Peak2 hours At almost exactly the 1 hour point, you should break into the peak. This is an incredible moment, and you will be overwhelmed with the beauty of your surroundings, and the sense of an amazing night ready to unfold before you.

What you want to do now may depend on the setting. At a party you may want to listen to music and dance. In a therapy session this is the point where your inner thoughts and feelings will come spilling out. Not only will you be able to talk about your feelings in a way not normally possible, but you will find it greatly satisfying to do so. This is why, even a party, people often retreat to the sidelines for a heart-to-heart talk with a close friend or loved one. In some cases it results in the rolling person running around to visit all their many friends and family members present, since they suddenly find they have so many important thoughts to share with them!

Come-Down3 hours The peak subsides and with it a lot of the energy of the roll. You are still likely to be very chatty but with a lot of your energy spent you will probably want to sit in one place, talking with others who have shared the experience, listening to music, or just watching the scenery. At this stage you may find the jaw clenching side-effect most noticable, and having something to chew on such as a piece of gum of a pacifier may help avoid teeth-grinding. The moment the roll drops off is usually quite notiable at around the 3 hour point or a little later, but from there on out it usually slides down gradually until you reach more-or-less baseline (ie, sober) between the 5 and 6 hour point.

This is also the time when you will feel bad if you have failed to take proper precautions! If you are looking around and notice that the others sharing their experience are still looking happy and contented while you feel exhausted, unsatisfied, or "cracked out", then it's probably because they took good care of themselves beforehand and you didn't. Don't let this happen to you - get plenty of rest, food, and vitamins beforehand!

Even if you took proper precautions beforehand, you're probably still pretty drained at this point. A Kern's, Naked Juice, or a Gu Energy Gel can be a lifesaver at this point. The later is especially effective. You won't want to consume any of these things, but force yourself to do so anyway and you will very likely feel 100% better. Maybe even enough to get a few more hours of fun out of your night.

Residual EffectsNext 72 hours Like any drug, MDMA continues to affect you slightly for the next two or three days. The larger a dose you took, the longer this will last. Generally it is a good thing - you feel "warm and fuzzy" and extra-connected to your loved ones, especially if they shared the experience with you. It can be difficult to do work or anything particularly strenuous the next day, due to this state of mind, but the day after that you are usually fine.

Even if you avoided feeling cracked out after your roll, improper behavior can lead to crackout the next day or the day after. As you probably know by now, it doesn't have to be like this. Eat healthy meals (or meal replacement drinks if you can't bring yourself to eat solid food), take multi-vitamins, take 5HTP (sublingual preferred), and especially get plenty of sleep. The stimulant effects of MDMA may make you not want to sleep much, but you'll regret not doing so. A natural sleep suplement like melatonin can ensure a deep, full night's sleep - so that you wake up feeling great, and ready to go back to the activities of regular life.