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5-HTP is an abbreviation for the chemical 5-hydroxytryptophan. It is the natural precursor that your brain uses to create serotonin. By taking 5-HTP supplements you can help your brain restore its serotonin supply more rapidly.

Can I roll again sooner if I take 5-HTP?

Although 5-HTP will allow you to replenish your serotonin supply more quickly, this is not the only factor to take into account. Your serotonin receptors are just as important, and can only be restored with time. Although you may be able to roll a little bit sooner this time, you will end up causing your receptors to retreat that much sooner. See Taking Breaks for more information.

So why should I take 5-HTP then, if I can't roll any sooner?

In addition to providing some protection from neurotoxic damage in animals which may or may not be applicable to humans (See Safety Concerns), taking a small amount (100mg or less) of 5-HTP after you come down can help immediately restore some serotonin and prevent depression that can occur if you have completely depleted all your serotonin. It is best, however, if you never allow yourself to get to this state. (See Dosage) Be sure not to take more than 100mg too soon after rolling because there is probably still MDMA in your system and if you have come down only because of a lack of serotonin, rebuilding it too quickly will cause you to start rolling again.

Wait... I can extend my roll with 5-HTP? Isn't that a good thing?

NO! It is definitely true that you can extend your roll by taking large amounts of 5-HTP during or after your roll, but this is strongly recommended against! Besides the fact that 5-HTP is extremely hard on your stomach and might possibly even cause ulcers from heavy use, an "HTP roll" is not very pleasant. During a 5-HTP extended roll users can experience severe spaceyness and memory loss, not to mention stomach pain and nausea from the large amount of 5-HTP required to achieve this state.