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Look, I just want to do drugs, not get a lecture...

Tough. MDMA is an amazing substance that can produce many beneficial emotional and psychological effects. All you need to do is support your body with a few resources that it needs. Not only will you find yourself feeling better afterwards, but you'll enjoy the experience more, too. Think of being an MDMA user as somewhat akin to being an athlete: treat your body right so that you can achieve amazing things.

Well, okay. What do I have to do?

1. Get enough sleep. Most drug users are young people who never seem to have enough time. Sleep is one of the things that usually suffers, especially during the week. Then Friday or Saturday night comes, and it's time to "party", despite the lack of rest. Force yourself to go to bed early and then sleep in late the day beforehand; and don't take your drugs after you've been up for (say) twenty hours. If you plan to take your drugs late, then sleep in late. For example: don't get up any earlier than 4pm if you're planning on taking drugs at midnight that night. If that's not feasible for you, then at least take a nap in the afternoon or evening.

2. Eat well. Often the anticipation of a mind-altering experience can cause us to neglect meals beforehand. This is the most crucial time. Eat lots of long-chain carbohydrates (such as pasta and bread) ten hours or so before your experience. Energy bars such as Power Bars or Cliff Bars can be used as meal supplements as well. Skip the high-protein bars and look for bars with high carbohydrates, such as the Power Bar 'Harvest' type. And don't forget to eat a big meal the next day when you get up!

3. Avoid vitamin depletion Even if you're eating enough, you may not be getting enough vitamins. Rolling takes a heavy toll on your body's resources, usually leaving you drained of many of the B vitamins, to name a few. Good multivitamins are cheap; take one at your last meal before the roll, and another the next day with your first meal.

Hey wait...if I'm all healthy and stuff, I'll be able to dance longer, too!

Now you're catching on. Rolling in the comfort of your home or a therapist's office is depleting enough, but if you use the drug at a rave, you need the energy provided by good health for more than just the drug.