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The term "candyflipping" (or "candy-flip") refers to the combination of LSD (acid) and MDMA (Ecstasy). Combining these drugs properly is a tricky task, however, and not recommended for inexperienced drug users. Normally, the content on mdma.nu focuses on facts backed by hard scientific data. In this case, however, we have asked a friend an experienced candy-flipper (who wishes to remain anonymous) to describe what he/she knows. His/her text is below. If you have experiences of your own to relate, please contact us.

Proper Candyflipping
by Dr. Anonymous

How can I possibly describe how candyflipping has enhanced my life over the years? No words would be sufficient. Done properly, a candyflip captures all the profound wonder of LSD, coupled with the confidence, poise, and openness of spirit of MDMA. It is a truly a wonderful gift, but allow me to warn you ahead of time that it's pretty difficult to do right, and requires a lot of planning and forethought, even more than acid does by itself.

Normally one should never try to combine two drugs, especially two as powerful as acid and E. Candyflipping doesn't just refer to the combination of the two; it refer to using them in a staggered method that produces an entirely unique effect that is unlike either of the drugs by themselves. So first of all, never take acid and E at the same time, or even within an hour or two of each other! This will produce a sort of drunken intoxication which you might find fun (or you might find unpleasant, like me), but in either case it does not qualify as candyflipping.

Candyflipping requires that the relative "peak" times of the two drugs (from the 1hr mark to the 3hr mark with MDMA, and from the 1hr mark to the 4h mark with acid) do not overlap. You can theoretically do it in either order, but I (and friends of mine) have always done it with acid first, E later. The most important thing to know, that I have deduced by careful (and sometimes unpleasant) experimentation:

  Take your E exactly four (4) hours after taking your acid!

Why is this so important?

Well, if you take your E early (like say, after 3 hours) your acid peak won't be done yet, and the drugs end up sort of fighting for control of your brain. This is not a very fun sensation; you end up feeling lethargic and sort of light-headed. You may come out of it after an hour or two, but you will have missed the "candyflip" and will be just left feeling like you took a lot of drugs, and sometimes slightly spacey depending on the person. (Editor's Note: Not everyone agrees about this; one person sent a comment saying that they don't get much effect doing it this way, but they have a "brilliant" time when they take a low dose of MDMA about 45 minutes before ingesting LSD.)

If you take the E late (say, after 5 hours) you'll get a similar effect as taking your E too early, but probably not as strong. After 45 minutes or so it will clear up and you'll find that you're just rolling from the E, and it's not much like you took two drugs at all, more that you just took one after the other.

Another important thing is dosage. Taking less acid causes it to come on more slowly, and as a result taking your E at the four hour mark may actually be too early. Taking a lot of acid works great as long as you can handle it :) but in this case you may want to take your E a slightly earlier, say at T+3:45. Generally I just recommend a normal dose, 3 hits of standard blotter paper, but again there's nothing wrong with more as long as you can handle it.

With E, you probably want to take a minimal dosage, or else it will just overpower the acid and you'll be rolling (not a bad thing, but you'll miss out on the candyflip). If you have a batch of pills and you normally take 1.5 pills to roll, then probably try either 1.5 or 1 pill. In a nutshell, it's better to err slightly on the side of a low dose than on the side of high.

The Candyflip Effect

I like candyflipping all around better than any other drug (or drug combination) because in many ways it is very close to being sober as far as your mental state, but it allows you to access all the really excellent effects of acid (music sounds great, sense of profoundness, insightfulness) and E (poise, confidence, self-love and love for others) without the downsides (the "confusion" and scariness of acid, the running-around-hugging-everyone effect of E).

The candyflip moment, as I think of it, is about half an hour after you take your E. The acid confusion seems to lift off of you like a heavy fog suddenly dissipating. The room suddenly seems more open (this is very dramatic if you're someplace with a high ceiling). You are suddenly instilled with a sense wonder and awe at the amazing things our world has to offer, a feeling that you have power over your own destiny, and a sense of purpose to do the things that are important to you. And there is an incredible feeling that something profound and important is about to happen.

Watching someone who is in the midst of a successful candyflip is pretty cool, too. Their entire demeanor gains a perfect confidence, without the slightest hint of arrogance. Their skin seems to glow. The eyes are probably the most dramatic: they grow wide and bright, like those of a child, but wiser.

My favorite candyflip activity is looking at a powerful laser and listening to really good trance coming out of big speakers, but that's just me. :)

Health Stuff

I guess I should mention this since it's going onto this website. Basically, candyflipping is one of the more rigorous drug experiences you can have, especially if you do it at a party. The entire thing lasts a really long time (9 or 10 hours total) and you expend a lot of resources. I make sure to sleep in super late the day before I am going to make a candyflip, and dose myself with lots of vitamins in the previous week. Then I make sure I don't have anything making demands on my time in the next day or two following the candyflip so that I can sleep as much as I need (which usually isn't all that much, but sometimes it is).

So, to summarize - this is a really awesome experience that I would recommend to anyone. Just be sure that you are prepared (both mentally and physically), have a good setting to do it in, have your drugs pretested and in proper dosages. By "pretested" I don't just mean that you've done the EZ-Test on them, I mean that you have tried them before in a controlled environment so that you're not only sure of what they are, but how much you should take. You also should not attempt it until you are fairly familiar with both LSD and MDMA (like, you've used each at least four or five times). And don't forget: four hours! Use a stopwatch so that you do not mistake the proper time to take your E.