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Taking Breaks

I love rolling! Why shouldn't I do it all the time?

Most people discover rather quickly that MDMA can only really be used once a week, at most. This is a good thing, as it makes the drug very difficult to abuse. Even if you could roll all the time, however, you wouldn't want to - making it a too regular occurance will cause it to lose its magic.

So I can use it every single weekend, then?

Yes - for a time. Eventually (usually within six weeks of continuous use) your serotonin receptors will begin to recede and you will find that your rolls are shorter and less satisfying. At this point it's time to TAKE A BREAK.

How often and how long do my breaks have to be?

It's a matter of personal choice, but taking a single weekend off (that is, going a full 14 days between uses) is sufficient most of the time. If you become a heavy user (that is, you use it more weekends than not) then you might find it necessary to take off two or three weekends in a row to return to normal.

In general you should go by how you feel. If your rolls are short and weak and you find yourself wanting to take more pills, it's a sign that it's time for a break. If you take a single weekend off and find that your roll is still weaker than it was when you first began, then it is time to consider a longer break.

Generally speaking, six months should always be long enought o completely recover your serotonin receptors, regardless of any past use (or even abuse).

Is there anything I can do to help myself regenerate more quickly?

It's popular to take 5-HTP, the precursor your brain uses to create serotonin, the day or two after rolling in order to speed your brain's recovery. How effective this technique is is not yet proven. It seems to be the case, however, that your brain regenerates all of its serotonin within a few days anyhow, so taking 5-HTP is probably only beneficial for about 48 hours after the experience.

You will find that you will help yourself the most by simply living a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, take multivitamins, and get plenty of rest - especially the day or two before rolling, and then the day or two after.